Cortez Anytime Safety


Osha 30

Cortez Anytime Safety offers the OSHA 30 certification, a vital program providing 30 hours of in-depth training in occupational safety and health. Tailored for professionals across industries, our expert-led course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to identify and mitigate workplace hazards effectively. Committed to excellence, we ensure compliance and empower individuals to champion a safer work environment. Choose our OSHA 30 training for a comprehensive safety experience.

Osha 10

We proudly present OSHA 10 certification, a crucial 10-hour training program focusing on fundamental safety principles. Designed for various industries, this course imparts essential knowledge, equipping participants to recognize and address potential workplace hazards. Led by seasoned professionals, our OSHA 10 training ensures compliance and instills a proactive safety mindset. Elevate your workplace safety standards with us and empower your team with the OSHA 10 certification for a secure and compliant work environment.

Forklift training

Improve your workplace safety with the best forklift training at Cortez Anytime Safety. Our comprehensive program covers everything from equipment handling to safety protocols, ensuring operators master safe practices. Managed by experienced instructors, this training program goes beyond compliance, instilling a proactive safety culture. Equip your team with the skills needed to navigate forklift operations with confidence, fostering a secure and efficient work environment. Trust our team for top-notch forklift training and elevate your safety standards.


Cortez Anytime Safety offers expert CPR training services, including a comprehensive range of life-saving techniques. Our program goes beyond basics, ensuring participants gain proficiency in various CPR scenarios. The course covers chest compressions, rescue breathing, and AED use. With a focus on real-world application, our professionals train individuals to respond confidently in emergency situations, contributing to a safer workplace and community. Experience excellence in CPR training with Cortez Anytime Safety for preparedness that matters.


We take pride in presenting our Safeland training service. It is a specialized program catering to the unique safety challenges of the oil and gas industry. Our comprehensive course covers essential safety practices, hazard recognition, and emergency response protocols. When training the individuals, our seasoned professionals ensure that participants are well-versed in industry-specific safety standards, fostering a secure work environment. Count on our team to elevate your team’s safety awareness and compliance in the dynamic landscape of the oil and gas sector.


Cortez Anytime Safety also provides SafeGolf training sessions – a training program designed for safety excellence in the golf industry. The course covers vital safety practices, risk mitigation, and emergency response protocols specific to golf course environments. We ensure each participant gets a deep understanding of safety standards tailored to the unique challenges of the golf industry. Raise safety standards on the green with SafeGolf training from Cortez Anytime Safety.


We provide specialized training on H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide), arming individuals with essential knowledge and skills to manage potential hazards linked to this gas. Our thorough program addresses detection, prevention, and emergency response, ensuring participants are ready to work safely in environments with H2S. Facilitated by seasoned professionals, our H2S safety training emphasizes safety, compliance, and the welfare of individuals in industries where hydrogen sulfide poses a potential risk.


We also provide NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) training. The course includes vital skills crucial for the construction sector. The program incorporates diverse modules such as safety, carpentry, electrical work, and beyond. Guided by seasoned instructors, Cortez Anytime Safety guarantees participants acquire industry-specific knowledge and practical skills. Enhance your team’s competency and adherence to construction standards through NCCER safety training at our facility, fostering a more secure and proficient workforce.